Berimbot - Is a robotic berimbau which can play itself. Sensor and actuators are assembled around a conventional berimbau  with the help of a special rig, so that its components can repeat the same movements  like it were been manipulated by a real musician. The songs are captured in the format .wav mono and processed in a special program, The Berimbot Total Suite (BTS). The BTS generates as its output, a file in a form of a digital score which we upload to the Berimbot through a USB interface.


Custom made CNC Machine  to perform research in polymer welding using the Hot Gas technology. Confidential.

Custom made CNC Machine  to perform research in polymer welding using the Hot Plate technology. Confidential.

USB Inspection Microscope for polymer welding junction analysis - Specially adapted microscope to take pictures and create movies from polymer welding junctions. Equipped with a USB digital camera and an innovative illumination system with white LEDs.


Low budget USB digital camera for microscopes - USB digital camera provided with a universal adapter, can be used in any microscope in the place of the normal eyepiece lens. The camera allows the capture of pictures, and conventional or time-lapse videos.


Low budget USB digital inspection Loupe – This device has the main structure assembled around aluminum profiles. The main applications are inspection of small parts like PCB SMT components, watches and high precision work. The USB interface allows the real time visualization on a computer screen and the capture of images, and conventional or time-lapse videos.

CNC Plotter and milling machine for printed circuit boards – The 1 mil resolution allows prototyping of single and double layer printed circuit boards, with proprietary driver software and alignment technology. It accepts files in the HPGL-2 and Gerber format.


Cylinder plotter for educational applications – This device is ideal for educational applications like math and reading teaching. It has 0,1mm resolution in both axis and accepts files and on-line commands in HPGL-2.


Computer controlled Embroidery machine – Complete system for embroidery in any kind of textile, has a big format hoop. Accept files in the HPGL-2 format, generated by your favorite drawing software.

Digital Stereoscopic Camera - Digital camera to capture stereoscopic images. Interocular distance adjustable between 3cm to 30 cm. It incorporates a proprietary telemeter and level sensor. Ideal for anaglyphic stereoscopic format.

 Camera Obscura – Demonstrates the physical laws  behind the photographic cameras and the human eye. The big objective gathers light enough to operate in closed environments.  The images are projected in a sanded glass window located behind th hood. For the Museum of Science and Technology of Bahia. 

Periscope – Demonstrates the optical laws behind the periscopes used in submarines. For the Museum of Science and Technology of Bahia

Low Friction Rotating Platform – For demonstration of the Conservation of Angular Momentum Experiments.  For the Museum of Science and Technology of Bahia.

Flexible Sunglasses – Innovative sunglasses, comes in  three different sizes and fluorescent colors. UV filter and very attractive transparent package. Front surface ideal for printing logos.

Newtonian Telescope with 10 inches mirror – Ideal for observation of deep space objects like galaxies and clusters, excellent resolution.

Television projection system -  For big size television screen projection, VCR incorporated.

Demo CD about Virtual Reality for multimedia and web applications - The CD shows eight Immersive Images in different application fields: toys, jewels, engineering, real state, fashion,  art and medicine. The images were captured using a proprietary computer controlled rig.


3D Multimedia Stereoscopic Post Card from the city of Salvador - Captured during a six months span, the 67 stereoscopic images, show  the main buildings,  monuments and some popular festivities. CD-ROM with soundtrack and two anaglyphic glasses.


Stamps Vending Machine Model 696 -  Designed by the INDEC company located in Berlin, Germany, for the Deutsche Post. The Machine was sold through the company Klüssendorf. Project managing.

Fetal Bovine Serum Technology - Development of a new refining technology in  partnership with the company Interserum located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ultraviolet lamp with power output of 250W, with trigger circuit. Application in the process of digestion of substances,  through photo-oxidation.

Articulated Robot  – With five degrees of freedom, end effector with parallel jaws and incorporated tactile sensor. Programming through Teach-Box.
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