The Business and Innovation Lab was founded in 2006. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to the increasing demand of technology based spin offs and start-up companies. The main idea behind this enterprise, was to make use of a network of professionals and companies with strong credentials in the market, and the expertise accumulated along decades in domestic and overseas operations. The recognized competence from those professionals, allows the easy dialog and flow in the three main environments where the innovation takes place: the companies, the investors/government agencies and the universities. The successful experiences derived from the integration of those three environments, give us a privileged vantage point, in the sense of a clear understanding on how the interactions among those players take place.
      Not only do we have the complete expertise on how to manage the innovation process, but also the control of the whole innovation cycle. Our portfolio is broad and varied, we have successful completed projects in many different fields, like: software, multimedia applications, stereoscopic visualization, robotics, mechatronics, biotechnology, optics and microelectronics. Although we don´t have a profound knowledge in none of those areas, what we do, is to use appropriate methodologies and tools and create the right partnerships for each case.
      During  the process of creating a solution, we keep always the market in mind and focus in the immediate implementation, we use many methods and tools to generate and share ideas, after that, we begin to build “something that looks like “, or “works like” in a shape of a sketch, drawings, virtual mock-up, proof of concept or using sophisticated visualization methods; in a further development step, we create a functional prototype and finally the product. This sequence can be shorter or longer, or still be subject to some iteration, depending on the complexity of the problem.

      The BiLab as Accelerator

      We strongly believe that the education of a professional, should be made ​​by a Mentor who works in the same area of interest. Therefore, to compose our own staff and as a contribution to the improvement of the market, we also work  as accelerators for students.
      We select undergraduate talented students from different engineering branches, to work alongside a team of seasoned  professionals in some projects. The students take part in all the steps from the initial concept, toward the final product. They work in a very pleasant atmosphere, but at the same time highly professional, and strictly following international standards. The theoretical part of the student´s education, is complemented with directed study.  The students also receive full support  and training in matters related to participation in innovation contests.
      We encourage the involvement of the students in areas apart from the chosen field of interest, out of their “comfort zone”, the students must develop the skills necessary to learn how to learn, finding and using their learning channel preference and then, use the new learnt skills to turn their ideas into reality.

       BiLab in consulting

      We work in consulting for projects of any size.





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